Blog # 2, March 22, 15, Gilbert VandenHeuvel

by Gilbert VandenHeuvel

Blog # 2.  Another week has past and another design has happened.  There are a number of ways new designs come to me.  For this one, I asked a friend of mine, Michael F., who has been involved in the furniture industry for 30 plus years, "what piece of furniture is the market short of"?   His reply, "nesting tables, there is never enough choice on nesting tables"

.  With that bit of information, I went back to my shop and created a nesting table.  It took a few attempts, but I think this design will fit in the line of tables from The Recycler.  The tables will be powder coat painted silver for that bicycle look.  Maybe I'll put a highlight colour on a sprocket or two, just for dramatic effect.

 Is there are changes or additions you'd like to see?   I was thinking or wrapping inner tube or bike tires around the smaller tables to make them more Column  like, or will that be too much? 

Don't worry, the red on the floor is just paint.  

Nesting Table will be part of The Recycler's line up at High Point Market, spring 2015.