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Double Wall Hook

Infuse your closet with a fresh, bike-friendly take on coat hooks.

$70 USD

Single Wall Hook

This stylish coat hook clearly says "I love biking!"

$35 USD

modern antler.jpg

Modern Urban Antlers

This sleek, graceful sculpture mounts easily on the wall.

$299 USD

metal antler.jpg

Metal Urban Antlers

This piece is an industrial take on a wall-mounted hunting trophy.

$250 USD

chain ring clock.jpg

Chain Ring Clock

Beautifully constructed, this wall clock is unique to The Recycler.

$130 USD 

drive train clock.jpg

Drive Train Clock

This clock is available with red and black (pictured), as well as red and silver.

$70 USD

union jack.jpg

Union Jack

This unique take on a classic design is built out of painted tire treads and mounted on a solid wood backing.

$390 USD


Coloured Mirror

Simple yet elegant, this mirror comes with red, black, or white frame.

$150 USD



This table-top dino is crafted from gears, chain, and braking components

$172 USD

occasional chair.jpeg

Occasional Chair

Ideal for lounging, and equally suited to the patio or the living room.

$1,141 USD

pedestal table black.jpg

Pedestal End Table

This glass topped end table is as sturdy as it is striking.

$475 USD

serving tray black.jpg

Serving Tray

Put a unique twist on your hospitality with this lovely serving tray.

$175 USD